Season 4, Episode 7 - Three Recent Gun Incidents at Churches

In this episode we are talking about three recent gun incidents that occurred at churches in Tennessee, California and Washington.

The first incident occurred November 16, 2017.  In Tellico Plains, TN.  The incident occurred during a Thursday meeting at the church.  Those in attendance of this luncheon started talking about bringing guns to church and having guns in church.  One of the meeting attendees started talking about carrying his pistol with him and ended up pulling his gun out and showing it to someone at the meeting, then put it back in his pocket.  Then another person wanted to see the gun and as he pulled it out again, he put his finger on the trigger and the gun went off.   The bullet struck his hand and his wife who was in a wheel chair next to him.  Both survived their gunshot wounds.

Next, was an shooting that occurred in Fresno, California on November 5, 2017.  A woman and her new boyfriend attended the 7:30 am mass at the church.  Upon leaving and walking to their car in the back parking lot, they were both shot by the estrange husband of the woman.   They estranged husband then went home and committed suicide.

The last gun incident we are talking about in this episode occurred October 1, 2017 in Blaine, Washington.  A 33 year old man walked up to the Dakota Creek Christian Center and was wearing a tactical looking vest that had a flare gun attached to it.   He became upset and a bit of a confrontation developed with persons at the church, the man was also talking about ISIS and beheadings.   The man was asked to leave the church and he did.  Police were called and he was arrested down the road from the church.

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